Below are various programs that support our troops and their families.  For more detailed information on our current seasonal programs and events, please visit here.  If you would like additional information or materials for a particular program, please fill out our contact form here or call us at (770) 509-1156.

Notice to Independent Distributors, please  review our Cause Related Marketing Standards below and include in all of your flyers and promotions:

Operation Stars & Stripes, Inc. (“the organization”) is committed to maintaining high ethical standards.  In accordance, and in compliance, with the BBB 20 Standards of Charity Accountability, the organization shall at all times:

  • Clearly disclose how the organization benefits from the sale of products or services (i.e., cause-related marketing) that state or imply it will benefit from such transaction.
  • Such promotions shall be disclosed, at the point of solicitation (i.e., within first and all follow up announcements), and subsequent results announcement:
  1. The actual or anticipated portion of the purchase price that will benefit the charity (e.g., 5 cents will be contributed to the organization every xyz company product sold),
  2. The duration of the campaign (e.g., the month of October),
  3. Any maximum or guaranteed minimum contribution amount (e.g., up to a maximum of $100,000).
  • Ensure each seller of such products and services clearly communicate the value of the transaction to the buyer so that the buyer may determine to what extent his/her transaction is tax deductible.

Revised February 12, 2013

Seasonal Programs That Support Our Troops

January 1 – February 28 – Operation Bags of Love – Operation Stars & Stripes, Inc. will be accepting donations for our “Bags of Love” to show our deployed troops that they are appreciated and thought of often.  The attractive, handcrafted “Bags of Love” are filled with most-needed items, in addition to snacks and entertainment items.

March 1 – March 30 – Operation “Egg”stravaganza -  Operation Stars & Stripes, Inc. will be accepting plastic eggs filled with drink mix singles, lip balm, candy, etc. to send to our troops for the Spring.

April 1 – July 31 – Operation Beat the Heat – The heat is extremely taxing on our troops.  Operation Stars & Stripes, Inc. will be accepting donations of lip balm, drink mix, sunscreen, insect repellant and hand-held, battery-operated fans.

August 1 – December 15 – Operation Holiday Stockings – Operation Stars & Stripes, Inc. is accepting donations of items and stockings to be sent to our troops overseas. The holiday season is especially difficult for those away from their loved ones.  The holiday stockings are filled with most-needed items, in addition to snacks, games, books, etc.

October 15 — November 15th — Operation Trick-Or-Treating For the Troops –Operation Stars & Stripes, Inc. will be accepting donations of excess Halloween candy to be used to fill our stockings for the Operation Holiday Stockings Campaign.  We will gladly provide you with literature to take around while Trick-Or-Treating to let people know you are collecting candy for our troops.  For more information and to schedule a pick-up or drop-off, please contact us.

Ongoing Programs That Support Our Troops

Operation We Care
It is often difficult for our troops serving overseas to acquire every day necessities and special need items, such as prepackaged snacks, toiletries, batteries, and socks. We buy and receive donations of these items and distribute them in care packages. Often schools, as well as religious and civic organizations, participate in collecting specific items that are most-requested to fill the packages for our troops overseas.

Operation Encouraging Words
Notes of encouragement and appreciation are a huge morale booster to our heroes overseas!  We collect and distribute the notes and drawings to the troops who request letters from home.

Operation Kids Care
Today’s kids are more involved in the community than ever. Fundraising efforts targeted to supporting patriotism are becoming increasingly popular. Our Cents for Soldiers campaign is a homeroom or grade level competition aimed at raising money through donations of spare change from the school children. The winning homeroom or grade level is provided with a special reward for their hard work!

Operation Creating For A Cause
This program utilizes the creative talents of generous volunteers in many ways to support our troops. From sewing stockings to fill for our troops overseas during the holidays to knitting helmet liners for those on the front lines, there are many ways to show your gratitude to our brave heroes.  Please inquire about the many ways you can support our troops through your creativity.

Ongoing Programs That Support The Families

Operation Family Support
We work with the spouses and family members of deployed troops (Family Support Groups) to help organize homecoming celebrations and/or otherwise lend a hand in support of various family events.  In addition, we sponsor craft nights for military spouses of deployed service personnel.