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If you are a Mary Kay representative that would like to participate in Operation Beat the Heat, please contact us at (770) 509-1156 for more information or e-mail us at Info@OperationStarsAndStripes.org. IMPORTANT: NO AEROSOL PRODUCTS OR SUNSCREEN NEEDED AT THIS TIME


Operation Beat the Heat

With the summer months quickly approaching, we are working to collect items for Operation Beat the Heat for our troops overseas.  We hope that this will bring a bit of comfort and relief from the heat.  It is just a small way to remind them that their sacrifices are much appreciated and not forgotten.  Thank you for joining Operation Stars & Stripes, Inc. in spreading love and support.  There are many ways both groups and individuals can participate:

  • Sponsor an item collection (seem sample list of package contents below)
  • Donate items to fill care packages
  • Sponsor a postage collection (money or stamps)
  • Donate Ziploc sandwich, quart, and gallon bags
  • Volunteer time to help sort, pack, or assist at the post office.

Operation Beat the Heat will be collected through July 31st.  Postage costs are very expensive.  We appreciate any monetary donations to help defray that postage costs.  Please, no aerosol cans, pork products, or alcohol due to custom regulations.  For a sample of the contents for an individual Operation Beat the Heat care package, please see below.

No time to participate in any of the above?  Please visit our online care package catalog where you can sponsor a care package for an individual or unit.  Packages may also be sent in honor or memory of your loved one for a memorial, birthday, or holiday gift. A card will be sent to the service member as well as the recipient of your gift.

For more information on how you can participate in the Operation Beat the Heat Campaign, please contact us at Info@OperationStarsAndStripes.org or call us at (770) 509-1156.

Please note:

(1)  If anything could potentially leak, please seal it in a baggie before placing it inside the box.

(2)  Feel free to include letters and cards of support.  For security reasons, no personal information of children below the age of 18 may be included.

(3)  Please call 770-509-1156 to arrange a date, time, and location for drop-off.

(4)  If you choose to ship your items, please send all donations to the following address:

Operation Stars & Stripes, Inc.

2146 Roswell Road

Suite 108-101

Marietta, GA 30062

(5) Please be sure to check for expiration dates.  All products included must have an expiration date of July 15th, 2014 or later.

(6) Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the Internal Revenue Code.  Should you desire a receipt for tax purposes, please include with your donation your name, physical address, and e-mail address.

Thank you again for your support during such a critical time!  Below are items typically included in an Operation Beat the Heat care package to use as a guide for collections and packing your own:

(1) 1 Entertainment Item (Travel Games, Unused Current DVDs & CDs, or Playing Cards) 

(2)  1 Pack of Chewing Gum (foil packs preferred)

(3)  2 Individual Packs of Cookies/Bars (Energy/Protein bars and Snack-sized Oreos are favorites)

(4)  1 Pack of Beef Jerky

(5)  2 Snack-sized Nuts/Trail Mix (Cashews and Pistachios are most requested)

(6)  1 Box of Drink Mix (Gatorade and Propel are most requested)

(7)  Travel-sized Case of Q-tips and Eye Wash

(8) 1 Black Ink Pen