Individual Request for Support

For Service Members Requesting Support
 If you are requesting support for an individual, please fill out the “Individual Request for Support” form below.  If you are requesting support for more than one person, please fill out the “Group Request for Support” form by clicking here

Privacy Statement
Your privacy is of great concern to us.  We pledge to not disclose the contact information of those we support.  Information is collected only to support our efforts to prepare and send packages or to provide support and encouragement to grantee families while the grantee is deployed.  Additionally, your rank will not be included on the mailing label for security purposes.

 For further details, please visit our Security and Privacy Policy here.  This Policy may be changed or updated from time to time.  

Who May Request Support
We strive to ensure all requests for support are accurately identified and delivered while maintaining adequate security and confidentiality standards.  Accordingly, we respectfully request that you comply with our order fulfillment standards:
  • All requests for individual support must be made directly by the service member or immediate family only.
  • All requests for group support must be made directly by a military member of the deployed unit.

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